Baby Robins from Eggs to First Flight

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Baby Robins from eggs to first flight image

Baby Robins from Eggs to First Flight.

From April to June this year we watched a mother robin.  As she went through the process of starting a family.  It went from nest building, to the laying of eggs to the final flight of her little chicks.

I have included the GRAPHIC warning only to let you know you will be watching the parent robins eating the babies fecal sacs (aka – their poop). This is all very natural and provides the parents with additional nutrients because the baby chicks digestive system passes their food through rapidly. Thus allowing the parents to share in their meals. The robin eggs were layed on approximately May 9 and the chicks flew the coup (nest) on June 5.

A female robin will often lay two or three batches of eggs per year.  Sadly, however, unlike larger birds seldom do more than 25 percent of these robins chicks survive to see the following year.  If the baby robins survive they will go on to have an average lifespan of approximately 6 years.


As the chicks continued to grow both mother and father would take turns bringing food to feed the young.  You will notice the babies sometimes struggling to swallow too large a piece of food.  Therefore the parent will take it out of their mouth, break it apart and re-feed them as they continue to eat.

Most of the robins food consists of worms and small bugs.

As the many weeks passed, my family took great pleasure in watching the progression of baby robins from eggs to first flight. It became our daily therapy to just sit and watch every morning.

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