Best Way to Remove Algae from Koi Pond

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Best way to remove algae from koi pond.  This video is a follow-up.  Previously I provided videos where I discussed how to do your spring clean-up in your pond .  This involved removing all of the algae growth that had begun.

Here’s the link for Spring Clean-Up for your Koi Fish Pond

I discussed that there are 2 types of algae which grow within your pond making it unsightly and difficult to see your fish. The first type is the water-born algae known as planktonic algae which results pea green colored water.  And the second type is string algae, also known as filamentous algae. The string alga tends to grow along the edges of the pond and adheres to the roots of some plants as well.

The best way to get rid of the planktonic algae is an ultraviolet filtration or sterilizing unit. I use one made from Tetra Pond – the Tetra Pond UV3 Sterilizer.

Today’s video will take you through the next step of how to properly get rid of the string algae.

String Algae

Keep in mind that you never want to remove all  algae.  Algae provides a secondary food source for your koi and goldfish. And this can be string or filamentous algae.

Benefits of Algae

There are a couple of benefits of string algae:

  1. Algae also provides a place for the fish to put their eggs.  Resulting in not becoming quick snacks.
  2. Algae will  provide some shelter for the babies/offspring to hide from the larger fish.

I’ll take you through the pond filter clean-up process which involves a 2-barrel system. The first barrel acts as a vortex which captures the heavier sediment.  The second barrel has a series of media pads as well as a bag full of bio-balls. Resulting in a place for healthy bacteria to grow.

This good bacteria will help filter your water. This is done by capturing some of the bad bacteria that you want to removed. Resulting in a healthy pond for your koi and goldfish.

Follow my outlines methods.  You will find it is the best way to remove algae from koi pond.

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