Best Way to Remove Algae from your Pond

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Best way to remove algae from your pond.  Many ways have been tried but the following is flat out the best.

Brian Moore of Serenity Ponds shares some of his knowledge on the best way to get rid of algae in a backyard pond. Brian is a professional pond designer.  And he wouldn’t think of creating a new pond without adding this crucial piece of equipment.

Watching your koi and goldfish frolicking around your backyard pond is relaxing and mesmerizing.  And this simple pleasure definitely becomes a challenge when your pond water starts to turn a pea green color.

UV Clarifier

An ultraviolet clarifier works by having your pond water flow through a tube which omits U.V. light.  This high intensity light kills the single-celled algae.  The dead cells then cluster together where they can be captured through filter pads.

Within a couple of days of installing a UV Clarifier you will notice a difference in your pond waters’ clarity.

The green floating algae are airborne and reproduces when it lands on the water. Even if you clean the filter to your heart’s content, it will not get rid of that green water. However, using floating plants like a water hyacinth, lilies or water lettuce will help to stop the supporting sun rays from reaching the algae.

The plants also help combat the algae by eating up the same nutrients in the water that the algae needs to survive.

Without the use of this type of system, the free-floating algae will just generate and generate.  The best way to remove algae from your pond is with a UV clarifier.  Brian wouldn’t build a new pond without one.

He also takes you through the various types of pond filters which are essential to keeping your pond clean, clear and healthy for your fish.

Brian can be reached at: or 705-791-2870.

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