Biggest Backyard Goldfish Pond Ever

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Biggest backyard goldfish ponds ever!  I know it’s a bold statement but when you have a look you will agree. And before you want to argue that this is not someone’s backyard – I promise you that it is.

Not only will you see more goldfish than you can imagine, but you’ll also see ducks, Canada geese and a variety of birds.  I also witnessed turtles at the pond edge as well.


Due to the high number of goldfish that live in this pond, it is a natural visiting spot for goldfish predators.  The list of potential predators would include:

  • Great Blue Heron
  • Racoon
  • Minx or weasel

Of this list of enemies the most successful would be the heron  This large bird, seen almost daily, will stand around the water’s edge. The Blue Heron is a very patient predator which can remain almost completely motionless for many minutes at a time.  Eventually a unsuspecting fish will venture too close and will quickly be grabbed by the birds beak.

The preferred fish size is generally no larger the the heron’s bill.  Although at times the heron can be seen struggling to swallow a larger fish.  Because they may be too large to swallow easily the heron my injure the fish, drop it and try again.

Having the biggest backyard goldfish pond ever in your territory keeps the heron happy.

This large goldfish pond is located in the region of Toronto, Ontario, Canada.  Being above the 49th parallel, this area has cold freezing winter months.  The pond completely freezes over during this time but the goldfish, being coldblooded, survive.

A large frozen pond like this would be a perfect fit for a winter time skating rink.  This would provide the residents of the neighborhood with a perfect year round destination.  Tranquil and calm relaxing environment by summer and a healthy outdoor recreation area by winter.

After watching this video I think you’ll agree that this is the biggest backyard pond ever.


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Rick Davis


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