Bird Calls in Nature

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Bird Calls of Nature Sounds

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Bird calls in nature.  Mother nature has a mesmerizing way of providing a perfect stadium for the birds to perform.

Early one morning I decided to relax to the sounds of birds singing in the forest by our cottage.  It is located in the Kawartha highlands area of Ontario, Canada. I set up my camera and started recording. I find there is no better place to feel totally stress free than when spending time in the country, enjoying the sounds of nature.

It doesn’t matter what season of the year it is,  being in the country never disappoints with her glorious early morning sounds.

Bird Variety

Some of the birds you’ll hear include:

  • Tennessee Warbler,
  • Red-eyed Vireo,
  • Black-capped Chickadees
  • Eastern Towhee

The Kawartha lakes region has a diverse variety of birds to watch.  Over 260 species have been spotted.  Including some very large birds like osprey, bald eagles and great blue heron.  Birders love the area.

The Kawartha Highlands Signature Park is the second largest park in Ontario.  A vast region that covers  145 square miles (375-square kilometers) of area of preserved wilderness and hiking trails.  The largest park  in the province is Algonquin Provincial Park.  One of the reasons the Kawartha park was created was to offer nature lovers and campers another option.

Individuals that visit the park have a lot of choice of activities to do throughout their visit.  Hiking, swimming, canoeing and fishing top the list.

Some of the most popular fish which can be caught are bass, perch, and lake trout.  The trout will necessitate having access to a boat because you’ll have to get out to the deeper waters.

Hearing the songbirds do their thing at early dawn makes me understand why some people enjoy birding so much.

Bird calls in nature, it doesn’t get better than that. I hope you’ll find these forest sounds as relaxing and tranquil as I do.

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