Bird Calls of Nature Sounds #2

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Robins and other Morning Songbirds - nature sounds

Bird calls of Nature Sounds #2 will continue to provide you with tranquil, calming sounds that mother nature offers.

Enjoy these tranquil, relaxing sounds of  bird calls that the great outdoors provides us with. During this period of the Covid-19 pandemic has allowed me even more time away.  So much of it is in the cottage areas of Southern Ontario, Canada.

Nothing seems to relieve stress more than time in rural areas near water and forests.  Because numerous scientific studies have proven that a holistic way of relieving stress can easily be reached by spending time in nature.  Fresh air, sunshine and flower fragrance impacts us more than we realize.

Our sense of smell is actually our strongest sense.  Many have doubted this fact but it is the truth.  Humans can even smell some scents better than man’s best friend – the dog.

Scientific Proof

According to an article in Discovery magazine (October 11, 2017) it states:

“Humans even beat the indomitable dog for at least a handful of scents. These include aromas produced by plants, a logical evolutionary advantage for our ancestors seeking fruits. The majority of the odors in which dogs bested us were the fatty acids, compounds associated with their own meaty prey. “Odors that are not relevant for you, you are usually not good at [smelling]” This from scientist Matthias Laska, a biologist at Linköping University in Sweden.

Getting outside when the sun is out provides the body with an excellent source of vitamin D, which many of us lack.

If you found my first edition of Bird Calls of Nature Sounds enjoyable, you’ll enjoy Canada Day in the Country as well.

Take a break from your hectic day and enjoy this video and relax.

Camera and Video Recording Gear I use:

Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder   

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Zoom H5 Audio Recorder  

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