Bird & Nature Sounds | Canada Day in the Country

2 min

I love bird and nature sounds.  Relaxing sounds including bird sounds and other soothing sounds of the wild can all be heard on this hour-long video.  It was captured in cottage country on Canada Day. I simply place my camera out near the lake and take in all the restful sounds that nature has to offer.

The wild world that we live in gives us a lot of chances for recording and Mother Nature herself never neglects to give.


The hints of nature set a quiet air for contemplation. They help to calm a bustling mind and help to unwind. Tune in to the birds, sit by the sea, or go for a walk through the rain-forest.

People in offices, when listening to natural sounds, will perform better on their tasks.  They also feel more positive about their environment.  As opposed to only hearing the typing, conversations and other background noises.

In this video, you will hear robins, sparrows, chickadees and many more.  Bird and nature sounds have a way of calming a person from the inside out.  Serotonin levels can actually increase during a walk in nature.  Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that can change your mood for the better.  You can actually feel a calm come over you.

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Rick Davis


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