Bird Songs from a Tranquil Forest

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Bird Songs from a Tranquil Forest

Bird Songs from Tranquil Forest.  Another early morning recording of bird songs coming from the forest area around our family cottage in southern Ontario, Canada.

I find the birds singing and various other sounds of nature to be incredibly soothing and tranquil.

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More and more health care practitioners are preaching the benefits of time with nature.   As a way of centering one’s self and reducing stress in our lives.

From the likes of Deepak Chropra, to Michael Bernard Beckwith to Eckhart Tolle, they all talk about the fact the stresses we all feel in our daily lives.  Because of this, it  hinders our minds’ ability to relax.

Scientific Proof

A report published in July of 2018 provides proof that spending time in nature is definitely good for your health.  The Science Daily report was created by the University of East Anglia located in Norwich, England.  It confirmed what many of us have suspected all along.  Living near a nature-filled environment is good.  As is spending time getting out to immerse yourself in it.

Benefits include lower blood pressure, reduced  incidents of Type 2 diabetes, lower numbers of cardiovascular disease.

It is so easy to forget the fact that a short vacation in a heavily nature filled area will do more to restore your mental state than any all-inclusive to some island resort.

Short sighted thinking gives short sighted results.

I find fewer things as relaxing as soaking up all of the sights and sounds that nature has to offer. Please enjoy this recording and let me know how you feel after listening to it.

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