Blue Heron Looking for Fish

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Great Blue Heron image

Great Blue Heron looking for fish, landed in my backyard. This large bird, like a Sandhill Crane, slowly started moving towards my pond stocked with koi and goldfish.

This is a big bird. The male and female can have a wingspan typically between 65 to 79 inches. They can be up to 54 inches long. The bird’s legs trail behind its wings when in flight.

Great Blue Heron looking for fish.  This was not something I wanted to see when I looked out at my pond on a grey day.  When in search of food, the Blue Heron will either wade into shallow water or stand motionless by ponds. A pond like this one is perfect for the heron to wait for unsuspecting fish to venture close.  The bird then rapidly strikes with it’s long bill to capture the prey.

It is important to have some cover for the fish to hide under. I add plants to pond every spring but had not had a chance to yet.

There are other alternatives, than just adding plants, to keep birds of prey away from your pond.  One option would be to set up a low electric fence around the perimeter of your pond edge.  This could be no taller than 10 to 12 inches consisting of just two strands of wire.  This charge can be set high enough to dissuade predators like the Great Blue Heron from getting too close to the pond.

This type of deterent will also work for raccoons and minx or weasels.

On this day, the Blue Heron looking for fish, was out of luck.  My fish numbers remain the same.

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