How to Build a Backyard Pond for Koi and Goldfish Part 2 – Pond Liner and Filter

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How to build a backyard pond for koi and goldfish part 2.  My previous video outlined the planning and excavation stages of building a pond.

In this video, I will lead you through the next step. I will give you instructions on how to install your synthetic underlay.  The underlay is made from a type of felt, similar to the kind used under new roof shingles.

The rubber liner protects from any tears or punctures. Punctures occur from rocks, sticks or roots popping up in the rubber liner.

Pond and garden supply stores can provide you with the rubber liner made by Goodyear, the tire people. You can even order it online from 45 mm is the thickness you will want to use.

I would also recommend using a drain at the bottom of the pond which recycles the water into an external filter which you can make yourself using second-hand plastic-type drums.

I outline how deep to dig to be able to fit the drain and piping.  Resulting in a proper tunnel  for your 3-inch diameter drain pipe.  It goes from the bottom of the pond up to a height of about 1 foot underground.  And terminating into your barrel filter system.

Construction Team

Plan for some additional help.  If you’re planning on digging try to line up some assistants.  A 3 to 4 foot deep ponds requires a lot of earth dug up.

The 3rd video will discuss more of the filter plumbing including the type of pump you can use. As well you’ll see examples of how to set up your waterfall.

Also discussed will be the cutting of your stonework and the placement of shrubs and flowers around your pond, for instance.

I hope you found my video ‘how to build a backyard pond for koi and goldfish part 2’ helpful and informative.  Please leave me your feedback in the comments section of the video.

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