Cardinal Bird Calling Sound

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The cardinal bird calling sound is unique.  This bird will make sounds and calls are very distinctive from other birds.

Typically every spring the male cardinal will perch high atop a tree and call out in search of a mate.  As a result, you will hear very patterned calls that sound like chip, chip, chip or cheer, cheer, cheer. When you hear the sound it doesn’t take long to spot the bird.   As the cardinal’s bright red colours help them to stand out easily from their surroundings.

These birds are non-migratory and will usually end up living within a couple of miles of where they were born. These attractive birds will visit you regularly if you set up feeders that they can easily access.

Cardinal Defensive Strategy

An interesting fact about cardinals, especially the Northern Cardinal, is how protective they are of their territory.

You may have witnessed a cardinal flying into a reflection of itself in a window or very shiny metal.  The bird, mostly the males, see this image and assume it is another cardinal encroaching on their territory.  They then begin to pick a fight with themselves attacking the image.

It is very strange to witness.  The spectacle usually occurs in the spring, early in the mating cycle.

Food Choices

The cardinal has a varied diet but certainly enjoys seeds.  I place a mixed seed selection in my backyard feeders so as to entice as many visitors as possible.  And the cardinal seems to enjoy the sunflower seeds the most.

You will also see them eating a variety of bugs like spiders, crickets and beetles.  They really don’t seem that fussy.

People find the cardinal bird calling sound a pleasure to hear and a true sign that spring has arrived.

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