Cardinal Woodpecker Bird Sounds

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Cardinal and woodpecker bird sounds are two of the most distinguishable bird sounds around in North America.

Being awoken to the morning sounds of chirp, chirp, chirp, birdie-birdie-birdie from a cardinal is assured to put a smile on your face.  These unmistakable sounds do take place throughout the year but will be more prominent in the spring time.  The cardinal  uses these sounds as a way of warding of intrusions from other birds into it’s territory.

Cardinals are one of the more recognizable birds that do not migrate during the winter.  They will stay hunkered down in thicker underbrush.

Different types of woodpeckers will emit a variety of chirps.  Often times these sounds will be quite shrill.  But the most recognizable sound is the drumming sound that follow the chirp.  It is created from the birds’ beak striking a tree or pole.

It is surprising that the woodpecker does not give itself a head concussion continuously pounding on a tree.  But it turns out that the woodpeckers’ bone structure is different from other birds.  Their head bones are stronger and stiffer compared to other birds.  Woodpeckers also have less fluid surrounding these bones.

Backyard Bird Feeder

Placing a bird feeder in your backyard will provide you with hours of bird watching enjoyment. In addition to cardinals and woodpeckers we hear a variety of birds including, blue jay, sparrow, finch, chickadee and more. I believe the backyard koi pond helps attract the birds. We also have a steady stream of squirrels and grackles collecting the bird seed.

Many of these birds migrate south for our Canadian winter.  But the bird feeder still has a lot of customers throughout the colder winter months.

For more  local bird sounds in our local vicinity please check out this video on my website.

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