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Creators of koi ponds and so much more.  If you are looking to create a backyard koi and goldfish pond you will learn a lot from the folks at Koi Smart in Rivera Beach, Florida.

A lot of information was covered in our discussion.  We talked about many important areas of the backyard ponding.

Koi Pond Topics Included

  • Guidance on how to choose a design size and style.
  • What fish to put in your pond.
  • How to get rid of algae from your pond.
  • Fish pond predators.
  • Best plants for your pond.
  • The future of the pond industry for creators of koi ponds.

If you’re thinking about creating a backyard water pond, where do you start.  Most pond designers agree that the number one regret people have when creating a backyard pond is that they don’t make it large enough.

Ponds will become over-crowded quickly once stocked with plants and fish.  Good quality food and steady sunshine ensure steady growth of your koi and colorful lilies.  So when designing your pond always go BIGGER.  At least 25% bigger than you originally planned.  And not just bigger in diameter, also dig deeper.

Creators of koi ponds will tell you dig to a depth of at least three to four feet.  That will provide the safety needed for your goldfish and koi.

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Before plants are added pond is dug depth of 4 feet

Before you know it, unwanted predators will begin visiting your backyard water feature.  A good defense is your best offense.

Wildlife like raccoons, weasels, mink and birds are naturally curious as to what lives in ponds.  By providing good depth and lots of broad leaf plants fish will have a natural way of staying out of harms way.

I want to thank John and Andy from Koi Smart in Riviera Beach, Florida for their generous time spent chatting with me. We covered many topics.  These expert koi pond creators will make your backyard project a bit easier with their insights.

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