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If you’re in need of fish pond design help you’re going to find todays video very helpful.  John and Andy for Koi Smart in Riviera Beach, Florida discuss koi pond design with me.

I asked how they would deal with a customer who says, “I want to have a koi pond created”.  The first consideration should always be how much space do you have to work with?

More space is always needed that just the visible water area of the pond.  There is the landscaping including rocks built around the water.

pond design barrel filter

And there can also be peripheral support equipment like a skimmer or below ground filter system to think about.

Fish Pond Design – Plants and Fish

The plants and fish are the next big concern after the ponds landscaping has been determined.  It is important to remember that both the koi, goldfish and plants are going to keep growing.  That is an important factor when choosing your overall size.

Your pond population is going to increase if you create a healthy environment for your fish.  Keep in mind your fish will breed.  This is an important factor to remember when you make your initial fish purchase.

Number of Fish – Rule of Thumb

Here’s a good rule of thumb to follow when determining your fish pond design and how many fish your pond can hold.  One to three pounds of fish per one hundred gallons of water.  Weighing a live koi can be challenging.  But you’ll be surprised to find they will swim right through your hands as they get to know and trust you.

Building a koi and goldfish pond from scratch is a fun process.  You are creating your own backyard oasis.  I want to thank John and Andy from Koi Smart in Riviera Beach, Florida for their generous time spent chatting with me. When it comes to fish pond design help, they are truly the guys to listen to.

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