Fishpond Feeding Time

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Feeding your fish is the primary way in which you interact with them.  Whether you have koi fish or goldfish, or both, they are always so glad to see you coming with a container of fish food.

Fishpond feeding time — here’s a visit to my koi and goldfish pond during feeding time.  I don’t know what it is about seeing an animal eat but I always find it a bit entrancing.  It’s obviously a basic survival function but whether it’s a child or someone’s pet, it’s always pleasing to see them enjoy a meal.

Eating is Enjoyable

Whether man or other animal, we all enjoy eating.  Your koi and goldfish are no different.

This is only my second year with a koi and goldfish pond so I’m still feeling mine around.  However, I have noticed that this year the fish are much more comfortable eating with me remaining closer to the edge of the pond.

Last year I had to throw the food in and then watch from afar before the fish would surface.  I guess they’ve come to realize where their meal ticket comes from.

The birds and chipmunks are getting bolder.  Check out the one bluebird that pays a visit.  He always keeps an eye on fishpond feeding time.

Please enjoy my Nature Sounds with Songbirds for more of my backyard pond videos.

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Rick Davis


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