Frogs and Crickets at Night

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Jamaican tree frogs

While on holiday in the Caribbean, I was enjoying the frogs and crickets at night in Jamaica.  The rain had just stopped. So I decided to record what I could hear.  I grabbed my camera and headed out to capture the relaxing sound.

At first I thought I was capturing the noise of powerful crickets.  I soon discovered these cricket noises were primarily coming from the local frogs.   The species of frog is called the Jamaica Tree Frog. One Jamaican gentleman told me they were called Whistling Tree Frogs but I’m guessing that was more his nickname for them.


I have recently found mindfulness and meditation a therapeutic way to unwind and deal with the stresses of life.  These Tree Frogs provided peaceful, tranquil sounds to relax with.

As the rain began falling again, the whistles or chirps from these frogs becomes more intense.  Please enjoy the sounds and sights of the Ocho Rios night life in the this YouTube video.

If you enjoy meditating I recommend trying it with nature sounds in the background.  These sounds can and will help you stay in that state of bliss and allow your mind to easily quiet from the constant swirl of thoughts.  I enjoyed the frogs and crickets at night as a remedy.

Holiday to De-stress

When I’m on holiday I like to unwind and de-stress as much as possible.  Nothing relaxes me more than being surrounded by the sights and sounds of nature.

Let me hear the birds calling in the morning and frogs and crickets at night, and I’m a happy camper.  If I can add an ocean surf to the medley, then I’m definitely in heaven.

I miss Jamaica’s soothing night-time whistles of the Jamaican Tree frog.

You can enjoy more of my nature videos on my YouTube channel entitled: Nature Sounds with Songbirds.


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