How to Build a Backyard Pond for Koi and Goldfish – Design and Excavation

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In this video, I will lead you through step by step how you should go about building a backyard pond which you can use to keep koi and goldfish.

The first video will discuss the importance of layout and design. Important details such as pond depth and general dimensions will be outlined. The depth of a pond is a very important factor due to the fact that without enough depth your fish will become easy targets of prey to natural predators like racoons, foxes, and large birds.

The first step after the layout has been spray painted onto the ground is to begin digging a channel or moat which will then be filled with concrete. This solid 10-inch structure will act as a rigid collar to give your pond liner the rigidity it will need to withstand any natural shift in the earth which are often caused by the changing seasons.

Having a dumpster or truck will be necessary to take away all of the top soil and earth that will be dug up. Believe me, a hole in the ground that can hold up to 1,000 gallons of water will create more than just a few wheelbarrows of fill.

A depth of up to 5 feet will be necessary to hold the drain and plumbing you will install to keep your pond clean and filtered. This will ensure a healthy environment for your Koi and goldfish.

Part 2 of this video will provide more details for the installation of the rubber pond liner, and the plumbing which will run to the filter barrels. In addition, instructions for the laying of the stonework are the pond will also be discussed. The final touches will include the plants and vegetation which will complete the building of your backyard pond.

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Rick Davis


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