How to Build a Koi Pond

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How to build a koi pond.  I asked this question and many more pertaining to backyard ponds and fish.

My guest today is Chuck Boynton, owner of Palmetto Koi Ponds and Water Gardens.  His company is located in Lexington, South Carolina.

Our discussion topics ranged from size and depth of ponds, type of fish stock, pond maintenance and more.  Chuck talks about the specific type of pond predators to be aware of in the Carolinas.

Topic List – How to Build a Koi Pond

Here’s a list of questions that I asked Chuck specifically about:

  • What is the #1 question you get asked about new ponds?
  • Where do I start with deciding how to build a koi pond?
  • How deep should a pond be?
  • What type of fish do people ask for?
  • How do you find goldfish mix with the koi?
  • Describe how the skimmers work.
  • You mentioned filtration. Is there another type of filter?
  • Importance of plants in a ponds.
  • What are the biggest predators and how to keep predators away.
  •  Any particular maintenance required for the winter months?

Many people start of by building backyard water gardens.  There are a wide selection of lilies that can be added providing great colors to look see.  Water hyacinth and water lettuce are also good pond plant options.

It doesn’t take long for garden owners to realize they want more.  Soon after, koi and goldfish may be added.  Now the backyard oasis is complete.

When designed properly, there is minimal maintenance needed for a koi pond.  The occasional cleaning of filters is the usual routine.  And of course the regular feeding of the fish is another daily task.  However, this task is a pleasurable one.

Pond Predators

It is important to protect your prized koi and goldfish from predators.  The most common enemies of your fish will be racoons, birds and weasels.

The best protection you can offer is created by building your pond to depth of at least 3 feet, and 4 feet is even better.  In addition to depth, you should also offer many plants with large leaves like lilies.  This provides another natural hiding spot for your fish.

When the question arises of how to build a koi pond, you’ll now realize it is easier than you thought.  Good luck with your new project.


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