How to Clean Aquarium and Remove Algae

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How to clean aquarium and remove algae.  This is the first topic you should learn if you want a healthy and attractive aquarium.

Fish Tank Water Change

In this video, I’m gonna take you through the simple basics of cleaning out a tropical tank, doing a water change, and getting rid of some of the algae. Typically, we need to change about a third of the tank. The fish love it and thrive with fresh water.

Regular aquarium water changes and keeping the algae growth to a minimum is important to a healthy and pleasant looking tropical fish tank. In this video I go through the step-by-step process of how to:

– remove and add fresh water – removing fish waste, plant rot and excess fish food
– adding water conditioner to remove chlorine and other chemicals
– how to remove algae and adding bioavailable carbon to the water
– how to clean the aquarium filter

Fish Temperament

It’s important to know, before purchasing fish, the compatibility of various species.  Why?  I’ll give you a few reasons.  Firstly, some breeds will easily get along with others.  Secondly, an aggressive fish can eventually kill off much of your tamer ones.  As finally, that becomes a large waste of money always buying more fish.

For example cichlids, which come in a variety of sub-breeds, are generally known to be very aggressive fish.  Check with the sales staff at your neighborhood aquarium shop if you are unsure of the aggressiveness of the fish you are buying.

One common type of cichlid is the Angelfish, which is quite docile and will get along with most other fish.

Ensure you have

Products I use:
Flourish Excel – promotes a ferrous state of iron and helps keep algae growth under control.
Top Fin or Big Al’s – Water Conditioner or Dechlorinator.

Proper maintenance of an home tank really is not that difficult.  How to clean an aquarium and remove algae can be straight forward.  Try to enjoy this simple task and in exchange you will get hours of viewing pleasure.

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