Koi and Goldfish Pond Construction

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Koi and Goldfish Pond Construction – Mistakes to Avoid

In this video, Brian Moore, of Serenity Ponds talks about a couple of mistakes that people tend to make when creating their own backyard koi or goldfish ponds.

The first big error is making the bottom of the pond a base of river rocks. These will just become a breeding ground and collection pit for debris and bacteria. Brian also discusses proper pond filter care and filter maintenance to ensure healthy goldfish and koi fish in your backyard pond.

Secondly always go bigger than you first think when deciding on the size of your fish pond.  Pond design really begins with two factors.  The first being the overall footprint or area that your pond will cover.  And the second consideration is how deep to dig the pond.

Factors to consider when thinking about the pond size should include trees and their root system.  Tree roots will search for water so a poorly design pond waterfall may have influence on their path.

Depth is Important

The deeper a pond is dug the better it is for the fish.  A pond depth of at least 3.5 – 4 feet will provide your fish with safety when it comes to predators.  A deeper pond allows the water temperature to fluctuate at a slower rate.  Both of these factors are healthier for your koi and goldfish.

Over time most people regret their initial decisions and wish they made their pond larger..

Special thanks to Brian Moore of Serenity Ponds for speaking with me. If you need expert pond advice in greater Toronto area of Ontario, reach out to Brian. You can reach him through his website: www.serenityponds.org.

Koi and goldfish pond construction can be easier than you think.  And the resulting pleasure is definitely worth all the hard work.

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