Koi Pond Predator Control – 95 percent Effective

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Koi pond predator control is a topic fish lovers think about often.

Brian Moore, of Serenity Ponds talks about the most effective way to keep koi and goldfish pond predators away for good. Mink, racoon and blue herons will all shy away from the dreaded electric fence. One jolt and they generally learn their lesson.

There are a couple of methods that I found work for racoons and for almost everything. The electric fences are ultimately the number one as it is 95% successful and it doesn’t kill anything.   It just shocks and deters the predator from coming back.

These fences are set up about 3-inches off the ground and another about 6 to 8-inches. That way, you’re combating all kinds of predators. The mink and otter are low to the ground. These animals will sleek in underneath about 4-inches and below. That’s why if they try to sneak in, it’ll touch their back.   The shock occurs and they get scared and they go away.

Treat racoons a bit differently.  The electric fence wires for racoons are generally six to eight inches off the ground.  That’s because they’re a bigger predator and can easily step over the wire at 3 inches. If it’s six, it’ll try to go in and if at least one strand of fur will touch either the lower or the higher metal strand of the electric fence. This will work for the herons as well because they’re just walking along the ground too.

The biggest drawback to the electric fence solution is the risk of people receiving a shock.  It is important to turn the fence off when young children are in the vicinity of your pond.

I think you will enjoy the interview with Brian.

The tips you’ll learn from Brian’s expertise will definitely help you your goldfish and  koi pond predator control.

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