Koi Pond Predators

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koi pond predators

Koi pond predators is a topic all backyard pond owners must deal with eventually. In todays video I discuss the various predators that koi and goldfish pond owners have to be aware of. I speak with John and Andy, fish and pond experts from Koi Smart. Their store is located in Riviera Beach, Florida and we discuss some tips on koi predator prevention.

It doesn’t take long for the knowledge to get out in the animal world that there’s a new pond in town.  And it just happens to be stocked with many tasty morsels – also known as your fish.

There are many visitors that will start visiting your property when you’re not paying attention.  Amongst this shady group will no doubt be raccoons,  minx or weasels and large birds.  Without a doubt, the most patient and often effective hunter will be the Great Blue Heron.

The heron will circle by high in the sky eying your pond.  Once they realize there are fish in your waters it will be hard to persuade them not to land.

Wire Fence – Effective Deterent

One highly effective deterrent to keeping these enemies of your pond away is an electric fence.  This device will usually consist of just 1 or 2 charged wires.  You set it up around the perimeter of your pond, preferably close enough to the edge of the water, so that a bird cannot fly over it and still have easy access to your fish. 

When predators, like birds or raccoons, rub against the wire they will receive a jolt of electricity strong enough to deter them from trying again.  

One downside of an electric fence is that it can also shock people.  So you must make sure to turn it off when there are children around.  

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