Koi Pond Waterfall Ideas

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Brian Moore of Serenity Ponds shares his ideas on koi pond waterfall ideas for your backyard koi or goldfish pond. Having moving water in your pond helps oxygenate the water for your fish.  A secondary benefit is providing soothing background noise to help mask possible urban traffic in your neighbourhood.

Stream or waterfalls? Is one beneficial to the fish over the other or it’s just personal subjective choice?  There’s a couple of things, the personal choice of the owner, what they want to look at and what kind of noise they want.

Sometimes, it also depends on the landscape. Some different waterfalls or streams just won’t go with it and it won’t look good. It’s totally your prerogative on what you’d like whether it’s a waterfall or stream.

I tend to like both because there are just different aspects about them. A stream like the one on the video is a nice subtle brook like it’s almost reminding you of up north in a cottage country.

And for the koi pond waterfall, it’s like crashing down the center. It’s more for the noise where people want to drown out city traffic and everyday noise of the city.

The fish won’t care one way or the other. They love to play in them either way because the water is coming down and there’s always current.

You’ll find that the fish will jump and play in the stream and if it’s really hot day. If you don’t have an air bubbler in the pond, the fishes will congregate around the waterfall area because it’s a rich place for oxygen.

Please leave me a comment, after my YouTube video, letting me know of any other type of moving water flows that you may have created in your pond.

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