Loon Sounds in the Morning

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Loons sounds in the morning

Loon sounds in the morning.  Nothing says northern Canada more than waking up to the classic sound of a loon bird.

This video shows a time lapse of an early morning sunrise in the cottage region of Ontario, Canada. The sounds of nature can be heard as the birds and chipmunks start to arise.


Loons are fascinating to watch on the water.  You can be canoeing or kayaking towards them and they will often allow you to get quite close to them.  And then at the last moment they will dive underwater.  As you wait and watch they will finally surprise you by popping up 40-50 yards away on the water.

Loons are very good at catching fish and can catch a lot of them.  They have sharp inward pointing teeth-like structures are are efficient at catching a fish.

This video was taken in the Kawartha Highlands. Next to the Muskoka cottage area of southern Ontario, the Kawartha’s are another popular summer resort area. Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park is a 375-square-kilometre region of safeguarded wilderness and recreational areas in south-center of Ontario, Canada.

Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park is a nice place to visit and a great wilderness escape.

In this video, you can hear the early morning loon calls, some nearby sparrows and I believe some Cardinals as well. You will also hear the sounds of some chipmunks chattering.

This was shot around 6:30 am in late July. The morning mist on the water is clearly visible. By 8 am the mist will be gone and the water ripples will set in.

Loon sounds in the morning.  Now that’s cottage country!

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Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder   

Nikon D7000 DSLR   

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder  

Sennheiser EW 100 Wireless Microphone    

Apple Final Cut Pro X Editing Software   

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