Nature Sounds & Bird Singing – 2.5 Hours of Relaxation

2 min

bird feeder to attract bird singing

Nature sounds & bird singing- 2.5 hours of relaxion. Provided to help calm jagged nerves. This was recorded on Canada Day 2018 in Ontario, Canada cottage country.

There are some great close-ups of a Northern Cardinal, chickadees landing right in your hand and a couple of swans hiding in the bulrushes.

The Cardinal is around eight inches long. It has a black mask on its face; a crest on its head; and a short, cone-shaped bill. The mask on the female is usually lighter than the mask on the male.

Cardinals are known for their bright red shades, but just the male is red. The female is a dull brown or olive color with dull red on her wings and tail.

Cardinals in general, live at the edge of forests and in the vegetation close to houses and gardens. The male cardinal will forcefully guard its region. In fact, a male cardinal may even guard its territory against a reflection of itself in a window or a mirror.

Male sings to defend nesting territory, attacking intruding males (and attacking his own reflection in windows and mirrors). In courtship, male and female raise heads high, swaying back and forth while singing delicately; male frequently feeds female right early in reproducing season. Female sings for the most part in spring before the beginning of settling.

Cardinal Home

The cardinal is well covered up in thick bushes, vines, or low trees.  The nest is created between 3 and 10 feet over ground level.  Occasionally the nest will be higher.  Nest safety is priority number one.  Nest (built by female) is an open cup made of twigs, weeds, grass, bark strips, leaves, rootlets, fixed with fine grass or hair.

Nature sounds and bird singing.  A smile on your face will occur guaranteed make you feel better.
bird singing sounds

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