Pond Algae Removal

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Pond Algae Removal

Pond algae removal doesn’t have to be an impossible task.  Examine the problem in a step by step process and it becomes easy to solve.

Algae growth in a pond is almost inevitable.  When you decide to add a pond to your property you would seldom think of this potential problem.  Instead you’re probably thinking where to build a pond that we will have easy viewing access to some colorful koi fish. 

But easy viewing access may mean building your pond in an open area with direct sunlight.  And this natural light source is one of the main necessities to help algae growth.

Of course you will want to add lots of fish so enjoy them frolicking around as well.  

Well, as luck would have it, sunlight and fish waste are two of the natural ingredients that help the free floating algae thrive.

Adding plants will help reduce the amount of sunlight entering the water while at the same time providing added protection for your koi and goldfish from predators.

5 Key Questions

Pond and koi fish experts from Koi Smart in Riviera Beach, Florida join me for a discussion on pond algae removal. John and Andy outline 5 key points which are important to look at when investigating why your pond water turns green from too much algae.

  1. How large is the pond?
  2. How many fish do you have in the pond?
  3. What type of water filtration system are you using?
  4. Do you have plants in your pond?
  5. Where is your pond aeration coming from?

These are all important areas to address to ensure you can control the level of algae in your backyard pond. I want to thank John and Andy from Koi Smart for their generous time spent chatting with me. We covered many topics.

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