Pond Plants for Koi

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Pond plants for koi.  Which are the best, for not only the fish, but also pond maintenance.

Trying to determine which pond plants to put into your backyard koi and goldfish pond is always a challenge. There are many options to choose from. In this video I have a discussion with John and Andy from Koi Smart in Riviera Beach, Florida on this topic.

Factors to Consider

  1. Where in the country you may be located
  2. How harsh is your winter
  3. Is your pond located in mostly sun or shade
  4. Are you looking for protection from fish predators

Algae growth is one of the biggest challenges for pond owners.  This annoying aquatic growth is almost always present in any pond.  Algae fights for the same nutrients that other plants for also need.  Sunlight is also needed to ensure algae grows and multiplies.  Therefore, if plenty of broad leave lilies are in your pond they will block much of the sunlight to the algae floating in the water.

Lilies are a WIN – WIN proposition.  They provide lots of colorful beauty while keeping the algae grow to a minimum.

Pond Plants for Koi Come in Many Colors

There are a large variety of lily plant colors available to choose from.

colorful lilies pond plantspurple & pink pond plant

And the good news is these plants are also perennials.   So even if your pond is in a northern climate, that experiences ice cover, the lilies will bounce back in the spring.

Predator protection is another big positive factor of owning broad leaf plants in your pond.  These plants give your koi and goldfish natural areas to hide from enemies like the great blue heron or raccoons.

I want to thank John and Andy from Koi Smart for their generous time spent chatting with me. They covered a lot of information on many topics.  Pond plants for koi fish was just one of them.  Please subscribe to my channel to learn more.

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