Relaxing Sounds from a Goldfish Water Garden

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Relaxing Sounds from a Goldfish Water Garden - Nature

Relaxing sounds from a goldfish water garden.  There’s nothing quite as tranquil as this experience. I love enjoying my morning coffee sitting out back with the mixture of bird sounds and the tranquil water flowing from the pond.

Water gardens can come in many shapes and sizes.  Some stocked with fish and some with just an assortment of plants. Regardless, the sounds of water flowing provides a calming environment.

Koi & Goldfish

I’ve stocked my pond with goldfish and koi. This is my first full season so I’m waiting to see what amount of breeding takes place. I’ve been told the koi and goldfish may even crossbreed.

The pond has a selection of water hyacinths and water lilies. This was to add to the look of a water garden as well as providing some natural cover or protection for the fish from predators like the large birds.

In addition to being pleasant to look at the floating plants in the pond naturally keep the algae levels down to a minimum.  The plants and algae both fight for the same nutrients so more plants means more clear water.  And the ability to easily see the koi and goldfish.

Great Blue Heron

Last summer I noticed a heron flying by but they never came down for close observation.  The Great Blue Heron is a crafty predator.  They will patiently stand motionless at the edge of a pond for many minutes at a time.  They then strike out with their long beaks when an unsuspecting fish ventures too close.

Water garden relaxing sounds.  Not a bad way to start your day.  These soothing sounds from a backyard waterfall with a mixture of birds singing is ideal for sleep and relaxation. Calm your mind as you enjoy the sounds of nature.

Please enjoy the relaxing sounds of my garden waterfalls.

You can also see and hear more of these videos on my YouTube channel:  Nature Sounds with Songbirds



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