Robins and other Morning Songbirds

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Robins and other Morning Songbirds - nature sounds

Robins and other morning songbirds are always available when you are in the country. I recorded some sounds of these birds, chickadees and others early on a Sunday morning.  The location was a couple hours drive north of the city. It has to be early to ensure there are no human sounds.  All you could hear are the tranquil, calming sounds of nature.

A forest has the ability to provide a stress-free serene environment.  Life’s problems seem to fade away when in nature. The relaxing sounds of birds and the flow of water will create a calming environment. Nature sounds can also help you to have a relaxing sleep.

Researchers say that listening to nature sounds can affect heart rate.  This audio also will alter connections in the brain. You realize that feeling of lucid quietness that washes over you when you tune in to the free-flowing stream or leaves stirring in the breeze? Researchers state they’ve pinpointed a logical clarification for why sounds from nature have such a remedial impact on our mind: According to another examination, they physically adjust the connections in our brains, decreasing our body’s normal fight-or-flight sense.

Overall, nature sounds were related with a decrease in the body’s sympathetic reaction and an increase in parasympathetic reaction—the one that enables the body to unwind and work in typical conditions and is referred to as the “rest-digest” reaction.

I truly love awakening to chickadees, robins and other morning songbirds.

Enjoy these nature sounds and leave me a comment letting me know how you feel after listening.

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Rick Davis


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