Simple Way to Remove Aquarium Algae

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Simple way to remove aquarium algae.  Allow me to introduce you to a fish that will become your best friend.

Here’s another video to show you a great way to keep algae growth in your aquariums under control. This is a simple yet effective way to remove non-stop growing green stuff.  This can seem too easy and too good to be true but adding a golden Chinese algae eater to your aquarium can do a very good job of helping keep some of the algae growth under control.

These little fish do a super job of eating the algae on your plants especially if you have live plants because they can eat the algae off the leaves without damaging them the way you might when you rub them with your brush.

Semi Aggressive

They generally get along quite well in a mixed tank. They do tend to be a little bit semi-aggressive with other algae eaters or bottom sucker fish. On their own, they’re not bad and they do well on the community. If you have rocks, pieces of driftwoods or the sides of your glass, they do a great job of just helping to keep the algae growth under control.

Having somewhere for this sucker fish to hide is appreciated as they don’t seem to like a constant bright light from the aquarium hood.

Of course, there’s always room to add the old algae scrub brush that you have for the glass on the insides. To continually maintain algae growth and keep it to a minimum, I find this golden algae eater a great one to add in your aquarium.

Simple way to remove aquarium algae.  We have nicknamed him Joey.  And Joey is certainly a welcome friend.

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