Stop Feeding Koi as Temperature Drops

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When to stop feeding koi as temperature drops is a question that needs to be addressed in the fall season. Many outdoor koi and goldfish pond owners make the wrong decision.  As it starts to get cooler different food types need to be considered.

Since these fish are cold blooded, their internal temperatures drop with the ambient temperature. The colder temperature will also cause the koi and goldfish’s metabolism to slow down.  These fish do not have stomachs where the food can break down and digest.  Instead the food travels through their intestines where the digestion process occurs but due to colder temperatures this process is not allowed to happen as efficiently as when the outdoor temperature is higher.

When temperatures fall between 63 and 48 degrees Fahrenheit you should switch to a good wheat-germ based food.  This meal will continue to provide nutrients to the fish while being much easier for them to digest.

When this drops below 48 degrees Fahrenheit or 9 degrees Celsius is time to completely cut off the food supply.

I personally use the Hikare Wheat-Germ Koi food mention below.

Watch for Signs from your Fish

Also it’s important to watch your koi and goldfish carefully for signs that their appetites are changing.  You may be adding food to the pond and notice the fish don’t rush to it the way they do in warmer months.

As the water temperature drops they will begin to move more slowly and start huddling together closer to the bottom of your pond.

Knowing when to stop feeding koi as temperature drops is an important safety issue for your fish.

I hope you will find this information helpful in keeping your outdoor pond fish safe and healthy throughout the winter months.

Here’s my recommended cooler temperature koi feed:  Hikari Wheat-Germ Koi Food

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Camera and Video Recording Gear I use when recording my pond and koi and goldfish videos:

Canon XA30 Professional Camcorder

Nikon D7000 DSLR

Zoom H5 Audio Recorder

Sennheiser EW 100 Wireless Microphone

Apple Final Cut Pro X Editing Software

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